About Us

What is Norfolk Gift Box?

Funnily enough the concept behind our business came from a company in Boston, USA, who had created a postage box with local gifts. It was cheap and cheerful, but what we really liked was the fact that it used all local companies for its products. The concept then came to fruition after visiting a trade show outside The Forum, Norwich. This was the first time my partner and I had met so many amazing producers, such as Candi from Candi’s Chutney. After a conversation with her about how she was struggling for time to get a larger online audience, we thought that maybe we could help with this. So, we started tasting and sourcing many local delights that we had never tried before, and were amazed at the quality of these products, and the fact that these were being made right on our doorstep. So why not show case all these handcrafted, award winning products in one place? So that’s what we did! We launched Norfolk Gift Box in March 2016 by full time mother (that’s me) and talented chef Rob Doughty (my partner), from our base in Wymondham, Norfolk.

Choosing an online bespoke gift box business means that we can reach you much faster, work with you to meet your needs, whether that means branding our gift boxes with your logo, meeting your budget requirements, or sourcing local products perfect for different demographic groups. This choice of business means that we have the flexibility to change and adapt to your changing demands.

The unique factor about our business is that we offer you a choice. You can choose one of our premade gift boxes, or you can create your own bespoke gift box, selecting handmade, award winning products all in one place. We solve your problem of having to search the high street for your ideal gift and save you time by offering all these local products in one spot. We want to satisfy your needs by working with you, to create your ideal gift box, whether it is for repeat business or a unique offer or simply a gift for a special occasion.

Meet The Team

Joanna Bell (owner and founder)

Hi, I’m Jo, born in Papua New Guinea, and travelled around with my parents as my dad was a forester. We eventually moved to Wymondham in 1989, after spending several years living in Lincoln and coming to Norfolk for holidays, visiting beautiful areas such as West Runton, Wells Next the Sea, and Blakeney amongst others. Mum fell in love with the area, and it didn’t really take dad much persuading to move here. He loved The Broads and would take my sister and I on family boating trips, always claiming he was “an excellent sailor”. Alas he really wasn’t! Years later I met Rob whilst working in catering at Nottingham Uni, and we both decided to move to Sydney, Australia, as he’s an Aussie boy. I spent 8 years there in various roles such as a commercial administrator and practice manager, after deciding that catering really wasn’t favourable for both of us. Our eldest daughter Izzy was born there, and we both wanted her to experience England as well, so decided on Norfolk straight away.

 I’m a highly motivated individual and welcome challenges, which is just as well really as our second daughter Jess was born a month after we launched. If I had to state my top 3 strengths these would be my communication and people skills- I am a good listener and can empathise with my customer’s needs. I am dedicated to any job I undertake- I’ll give 100 percent of my efforts to providing a quality product and service to my customer. And lastly my trustworthiness- I am always honest with both my suppliers and customers, which I believe is of utmost importance in building sustainable relationships.

For me the most rewarding part about being in business is the ability to create new and exciting products for my customers. It challenges me to learn and evolve personally, by opening my mind in a way that no job has done for me before.

Joanna Bell (runs the business)

Robert Doughty (chief editor)

I was born in Brisbane, Australia to a large family of 4 boys. Raised on my grandparents farm, also in Lincoln (and no I didn’t know Jo then) we moved back and forth from Australia to the UK. I studied engineering, and then trained as a chef initially in Oz, with a wide repertoire of jobs such as air conditioning installer, mechanic, and head chef amongst others. I spent a fair amount of time visiting my bother in Norwich, whilst he was at UEA, and got to know the local pubs and the area pretty well. Having spent the last 8 years in Sydney with Jo, as a chef for an investment bank, I’ve been keen for a while to start our own business. I’m now father to Izzy and Jess, and I’m also running my own blog site.

Joanna Bell (runs the business)

Our Products

Our products range from delicious food items such as Kettle Chips, Norfolk Cordial, Raw Nibbles Chocolate Bars, Colman’s Mustard, and British Brittle, to the equally charming gifts from Norfolk Lavender, Norwich City FC, Norfolk China, and Green Pebble Gift Cards to name but a few. We hope you’ll love these products as much as we do.

We offer these either in a standard or deluxe gift box, where the items are pre- chosen, or you can create your own box, of either size. Our core values underpinning our business emanate from a desire to support local business and artists, showing how proud Norfolk Gift Box is to be a part of Norfolk, whilst sourcing products that use natural ingredients.


Have any questions? Send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.