We met Candi and her amazing Chutney’s one day outside the Forum in Norwich, back in June 2015. I remember it well, as Rob and I had taken our daughter Isabelle for a fun day out, sourcing products made in Norfolk for our gift boxes, only to be soaked to the skin, without a brolly or raincoat. We happened perchance to come to Candi’s stall, where we spent rather a long time sampling her delicious chutney’s, my favourite being her Parsnip and Chilli. This quite surprised me actually, as I’m not normally a fan of chilli, but I think the sweetness of the parsnip for me, just gave it that bit of ooh la la. Both Rob and I knew straight away, that we definitely wanted these tasty chutney’s in our gift boxes. Even Izzy seemed quite taken with Candi’s Bramley Apple and Norfolk Ale Chutney, wolfing it down with chunks of bread. Everyone’s a critique, even at the age of 3.

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It’s amazing to think that just 3 and a half years ago, in September 2012, Candi started up her chutney business from a kitchen table, with her first proper product being that same Parsnip and Chilli Chutney we tried that day. What we didn’t know was that it was made from a recipe which took a while to perfect from Candi’s years spent as a chef, where she had started making it to complement items on her menu.

Her Spiced Carrot Chutney evolved from there, followed by her Norfolk Crier Onion Marmalade, which is so called in honour of her poor husband who used to peel all her onions and make him cry!

Her reputation for a quality, tasty chutney has definitely proven itself, starting out at a kitchen table, then a garden kitchen, and more recently moving to a unit in Holt. They’ve become a multi award winning company, which has evolved through Candi and her husband’s passion to be creative, inventive and promote all good things East Anglian.  Check out their website for new products coming this spring. http://candischutney.vpweb.co.uk/default.html