Did you know that the cacao bean is the foundation of all chocolate products, and is one of nature’s most potent antioxidant foods? It’s found inside the pulp of the cacao fruit, and then naturally fermented to remove the bitterness, leaving behind a smooth, rich chocolate flavour. I really must say a massive thank you to the Peruvian farmers for cultivating such a gem, which is not only delicious, but wait for it, one of nature’s highest dietary sources of magnesium, excellent source of dietary fibre, and high in iron too. What more could you want!

19005094-Cocoa-pod-on-a-dark-wooden-table--Stock-Photo  cacao-beans

Well Raw Nibbles, based in Thetford, clearly knew a good thing when they found it.  Starting out as a very small company in 2012, its founders Sophie and Ian experimented with chocolate making kits in their kitchen. They found that, like the farmers of Mexico, Central and South America, they wanted to keep the natural, raw goodness of the bean, and so created scrumptious, healthy treats, which didn’t compromise on the health benefits of the bean.

The company went on from there to spread the word at various food markets, securing wholesale customers across Norfolk & Suffolk including Rainbow Wholefoods, and national distributors of health food snacks Nutribox. It’s hard to believe that chocolate could be considered as a health food snack, but that is what Liz, who now runs the company, strives to achieve. A delicious, yummy snack that is free from additives and can meet a whole host of dietary requirements.

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And if you don’t believe me, check out their website https://rawnibbles.co.uk/, and see for yourself. And if you wait until the summer, you’ll see a new range of some of the products, so watch this space!