It’s that time of year again where love is in the air. Some of you may shudder at the very thought of it, and some of you may panic that you haven’t got a present yet, anywhere booked, and now need to spend a fortune to keep your loved one in their happy place. Let’s put aside your emotional state for just a moment.

There’s always one question that I’ve wanted answered. Why give red roses? Why roses? What’s the significance of them? I mean they’re thorny and scratch you. Is there an underlying ploy that you want to draw blood from your so called loved one? I think probably and hopefully not. They have a delicate fragrance, and a certain beauty to them. So are you trying to give the message that “you smell nice, look gorgeous, but a bit unapproachable?”. 



Let’s not take my word on it. After doing a bit of research we can say for certain that flowers have been used as a symbol of love, marriage, fertility and romance for hundreds of years. So are you trying to send your loved one a secret message, like they did back in the Victorian times? Or have you picked your red roses to show your passionate side? In the case of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, they identified the rose with Aphrodite and Venus, their goddesses of love.   (Luckily nowadays sending flowers to express your feelings (known as floriography- yes I learnt that today) is a much sought after and very open practice. Research shows that apparently 91% of men send roses to literally just show their love for their other half.

So do you send roses (the classic but highly overpriced) or another type of flower which might be just as romantic? Let’s have a look and see.

  1. Peonies- these can be associated with prosperity, bashfulness and romance. Apparently when Aphrodite got a bit too flirty with her nymphs, Apollo would turn them into peonies. 
  2. Mattiola Incana (if you can pronounce it then you’re onto a winner). This spicy little number represents a lifetime of happiness and a beauty that doesn’t fade with age. 
  3. Red Chrysanthemum- these symbolise passion and love (need I say more!) 
  4. Daffodils- These little rays of sunshine may bring you happiness and good luck. I think we could all do with some of these!  
  5. Tulips – a classic and affordable flower. Apparently these epitomise “perfect love”. (Let’s talk about that one in a whole other blog!) 
  6. Peruvian Lilies – these represent devotion and friendship. These are found in South America according to the Flower Expert. I think if you were to travel all the way there for some flowers, you should definitely get 10/10 for effort 😊  
    So what do you think? Are you willing to move away from the traditional rose, in order to show your true feelings? And would they be accepted by the recipient in the manner in which they’re intended? Only you can answer that one!

And a final parting question before I leave. Is it romantic to be told by the Universe that you have a set date on which to show your gestures of love?
Please feel free to leave your thoughts!
Your thoughts please!